The homely foodbox that you can now order easily

07 September 2021 Mayank Verma

Meal boxes are a novel concept. They contain a variety of food in the right amounts — and they’re also incredibly easy to prepare. Here’s discussing why meal boxes make one of the best choices for food.

Why meal boxes?

You can order a ton of other junk food from your nearby restaurant, so why meal boxes? Here’s some reading on why:

Organic, healthy food

These boxes are often stuffed with hand-picked veggies and other organic food. They’re the best for quality and health standards and are home-like. Eating junk every other day has its health hazards. So one needs to ensure healthy ingredients in food even when ordering it from the outside.

Diversity in food

Meal boxes are anything but monotonous. You can have one containing baked chicken with potatoes today while munching on delicious curry pasta the other day. It’s essential to add variety to your tastes but without compromising on quality and health.

Requires minimum preparation

These boxes are prepared to require very little heating or cooking. You don’t have to follow a detailed, tiresome list of recipes to get the right flavor. An easy-to-do list of instructions is all you need for a restaurant-style healthy meal; all made easy.

How long can I use it?

Each ingredient in the box has a different shelf life. The boxes are labeled with recommendations on what food to serve first. You can also see if you can refrigerate the said food. There’s pretty much everything you need to know to make the best out of the meal box right on the labels.

What about the frequency of delivery?

You can choose the number of days you want your box delivered every week. Also, every new customer gets to avail a flat discount of 20% on their first order. So, go ahead and order your first healthy meal box at

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