Links in Denmark: Popular FAQs answered

09 August 2021 Mayank Verma
Links in Denmark: Popular FAQs answered

Backlinks have continued to engage copywriters and SEO experts. To get to the depth of Google’s search algorithm, one has to have strong fundamentals of SEO sorted, and there can be no better way than to deploy SEO for this effectively. Here’s answering some basic questions about backlinking.

Why does Google recommend against using it?

When Google released the secrets to Google’s search algorithm, the agencies tried exploiting the algorithm by creating spam links in bulk. That gave them an unfair advantage in ranking on Google searches. Since then, Google started devaluing bulk link building, especially those with suspicious origin.

Have the SEO experts stopped using backlinks?

No, they haven’t. Link building continues to be a very robust practice for SEO and is on the rise. Despite all the guidelines of Google, the fact remains that links are how they index their searches. But there lies a catch: links coming from authentic, authoritative sites give you the best link-building results. Using spam links in bulk is likely to push your content out of competition.

What backlinks create devaluation?

Now that we’re aware of why backlinking is essential, it’s crucial to be able to tell poor links from the authoritative ones. Some of the ways linking can backfire to downgrade your ranks in Google searches are link-bomb, links from drop domains that don’t have links, spam links, same sources, etc.

What are the best links, then?

The best-performing SEO links are both authoritative and relevant. There still appears to be some dispute as to which would be the best for SEO, though. Many experts believe in using links from relevant sources, while others believe in using authoritative ones.

What makes a link authoritative?

If a page has many backlinks pointing to it, it would be called an authoritative source. If the page is also relevant to your content, that would create the best links possible.

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